With our wide experience of ecology, forestry and farming, we feel we are in a strong position to help farmers and landowners with specialist advice on land management.

Our many years involvement with a range of farms throughout the UK, and more recently with our own mixed farm in Staffordshire, enables us to provide sensible and practical help with maintaining farmland ecology at the same time as protecting farm incomes. At a time when the stewardship of the natural environment is seen as a prime responsibility for farmers, it is important to have an adviser on your side who has a sound understanding of wildlife, forestry and landscape.

Stewardship Schemes

These schemes provide a useful additional farm income whilst providing environmental improvements. Arbor Vitae have steered almost 200 farms through Stewardship schemes applications over twenty two years, bringing millions of £’s into farm businesses. We can help with all aspects of the scheme from conception and surveying through to submission and management of the scheme over the years, including:

  • Farm Environment Plans
  • Entry and Higher Level Stewardship
  • Catchment Sensitive Farming

Habitat and Protected Species Surveys

  • Assistance with planning applications for new developments which involve change of use
  • Bat and bird surveys relating to building conversion
  • Farm Environment Plans for Stewardship schemes

Land Registration, Mapping and Compliance

  • Single payment applications
  • RPA negotiations
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Advice on cross compliance

Environmental Legislation

  • Soil, waste and nitrate management
  • Hedgerow legislation
  • Protected species
  • Non-native species control
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Ecology and Wildlife


Agri-Environment Schemes

Gregynog Woodland

Forestry and Woodland Management

Bat Survey