Tree Management - Arboriculture


Arbor Vitae offer both advice and practical help with tree management, ensuring that owners tree safety liabilities are met and that tree health is enhanced.

Tree surveys

  • Arboricultural Inspections to BS5837
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments of proposed developments to BS5837
  • Tree health surveys and advice

Defensible Tree Policy

If a tree fails and someone is hurt as a result, it is likely to lead to legal action. Your best defence is a policy of regular recorded inspections and actions taken when problems are identified. We can provide a complete service including:

  • policy formulation
  • tree surveys
  • health and safety reporting
  • ecological reporting
  • defect mitigation
  • re-inspection regimes

Baseline Tree Resource Surveys

Utilising GPS and GIS systems we can map and record the tree resource on your land.

Ecological Surveys

Trees provide valuable habitat opportunities to many species including those protected by law. Our licensed ecologists can carry out surveys of bats and breeding birds.

Tree Work

We provide a fully insured tree work service to BS3998 (“Tree Work”) including:

  • precision felling
  • limbs and branches removal
  • crown lifts and reduction
  • pruning and thinning
  • pollarding
  • fallen tree management
  • chipping
  • complete take down and removal
  • emergency calls