About us

Will PrestwoodArbor Vitae, or Tree of Life, was formed in 1978 and from the beginning set out to bring ecological principles into the management of farmland and forests. Whilst being firmly committed to environmental sustainability, the challenge is to balance the needs of nature, people and business. We work with landowners, householders, public bodies and businesses to help them achieve this balance in a sensitive and pragmatic way.

Will Prestwood (right) founded Arbor Vitae and is our Senior Consultant. He is trained in farmland ecology, forest management, birds and mammals. Will has worked for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, the NCC and was editor of The Ecological Flora of the Shropshire Region. He runs a mixed farm in Staffordshire and is a Director of the Wenlock Poetry Festival.

Jon Isherwood has a background in recreation, forestry, conservation and renewable energy. His IT skills have led him to specialise in environmental GIS digital mapping and small business networks.

Dave is our tree guy, and after a good 15 years or so with Arbor Vitae runs the maintenance of the estates and sites we manage, as well as overseeing our woodland creation and management work. (We’ve made him famous – Dave’s picture is on our Contracting page)

Emma is our office assistant and runs the communication and administration for Arbor Vitae part time, whilst also researching forestry/biomass processing and combustion for a PhD with the University of Sheffield.

Heather keeps our books (and us) in order and runs all the accounts.