Ecological ServicesArbor Vitae: offering you the full range of land management advice and management.

Are you developing a site and need to identify protected species?  Do you need Phase 1 or 2 habitat surveys?  Habitat creation? Surveys and mapping?  We offer you a scale of Ecology and Wildlife services.

Or are you looking to plant woodland? Need to know how much your woodland is worth, or want to apply for a grant to manage your woodland?  We have 35 years of forestry experience, offering you an invaluable service.

Agricultural stewardship scheme deadline looming? Or do you need to know about land registration or environmental legislation?  Our advice and form-filing-in agri-environment services are fast, personal and detailed.

Land or buildings, farm or garden, nursery or vineyard, we can help you generate income, protect your biodiversity and manage your assets at an optimum degree.